About Cory Polster

sex_drugs_bw_neon_greenCory's passion for comedy began at the early age of 17, with his first show drawing a crowd of 200 people.  In that first show, Cory managed to get roaring laughter from the crowd but also managed to ruffle a number of people's feathers with his quick-witted and often politically incorrect humor. Cory actually ended up walking off stage during that initial show, only to be cheered back onto to the stage by those who were loving his humor.

Admittedly, Cory felt his stand up career was over as quickly as it had begun and reminisces as that night being one of the most amazing and embarrassing evenings of his life.  But something inside Cory was forever changed and he knew he'd found the artistic craft that would become a central pillar to his life:  stand-up comedy.

His intrigue eventually turned to obsession and he immersed himself into every facet of comedy.  Soon thereafter, Cory won his first competition at the Gold Rush Comedy Competition and used the prize money of $50 to purchase a microphone and mic stand to further hone his comedic delivery in the comfort of his own home.

Fast forward to the present and Cory Polster is now a regular at the Comedy Store and has opened for superstar comedians such as Louis CK, Bill Burr, Bobby Lee, Dane Cook, Nick Swardson, Dave Chapelle and countless others.  Cory has recently signed with talent manager, Ziggy Kormandel, and aims to one day be a household name in the world of comedy.

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